Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life Hits Hard Sometimes!

Wow! It's been almost 3 months since I posted and all I can say is sometimes life feels like you've been hit by a truck and it takes awhile to pick yourself up & dust off. Doran is off again. Its a repeat of 2007. We had lots of prep work combined with lots already going on in our lives. I think I've managed to find some balance now.

I did the 5K in April-it was really discouraging as I crossed the finish line-I was 30 minutes slower than I thought I should have been. Then I realized that the clock was set to show the marathon time which started 30 minutes before my race. I actually beat my goal by 14 minutes. I'd post a picture, but Doran downloaded to his computer.

May was spent finishing homeschool-we hope to never need to do that again. It was a challenge juggling 3 kids being homeschooled-2 of which went part time to the Jr. High, 1 kindergartener, 1 Junior at the high school and the nursing baby. The kids want to have a bonfire and burn it all. We did accomplish our goals so we're happy.

We also have worked hard in the yard. As you can see, we've been growing some world class plants I think I'll enter in the state fair.

Seriously, we've planted the garden and even expanded it this year. We've had lawnmower challenges-the cord you pull has jammed, the dead man cable snapped, the wheel has flown off repeatedly. It seems it is finally fixed and we were doing a good job of at least maintaining our small front yard (thank goodness for a triangle lot)but the backyard just proved too much everytime we tried to mow it, we'd only get so far before the mower gave out. Last week some neighbor kids came over to play & went home to report "The Smith's yard is really cool to play in-they haven't mowed the backyard all year-and its higher than my knees!" Sunday, a neighbor talked with the kids to see if we had been able to get it mowed and I came home from carpool yesterday to find him and his son mowing our lawns. We are so grateful.

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  1. "Yaaaayyy! Hurrahhhh!!! You blogged again!!!"

    And I'm so grateful to hear that you're surviving, even if some days do seem like you can't get off the merry-go-round. ;-) So are you going to send everyone to public school again in the fall, or just change the home-schooling routine?